Using a debit or ATM card

On XXXX XXXX my husbands ATM card was stolen. We immediately went to our bank and the bank manager looked up our account, we found that someone had put charges on that card in the sum of {$520.00}, we only had {$650.00} in the bank ( our social security check ). We therefore had no money to live on … .no gas money, grocery money or medial expense money, I am XXXX and this was an extreme stress for us. We went into the bank everyday asking when we will be reimbursed for this money and promised a different day each time. We talked with the fraud department several times at no avail. We need our money and the other concern is that our other s.s. check is coming this Wednesday and we are afraid that the bank will deduct that money from our new check. Even though the amount was XXXX, with all the Over Draft fees we now have a negative of over XXXX.

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