Using a debit or ATM card

This summer I order my wedding dress, customized. What I received was not even a dress. I disputed with merchant, shipped material back. Merchant refused refund and offered my XXXX % discount on next purchase instead, I refused. I filed complaint with Suntrust on XXXX/XXXX/2015. Suntrust gave temporary credit on XXXX/XXXX/2015. I was advised I would receive correspondence if they needed info and case would close in 60 days and the credit would be authorized if they found on my behalf and if not, I would be notified first. I never heard anything else from Suntrust. I tried several times to check status online but system was down for a long time. Suntrust emails me when anything goes on, so since I received no emails- I figured we were good. 60 days passed … XX/XX/XXXX. I assumed as I had been told that the credit was no longer ” provisional ”. Suntrust waited until 2 days before XXXX to do the reversal, wiping my account clean so I could not buy XXXX dinner- WITH NO NOTICE OR CONTACT. Then I encountered several NSF fees. They claim the reason for the reversal was because the merchant claimed to offer a full refund and I refused. That makes no sense. Had they offered, I would have accepted! They offered only discounts for future purchases. But, Suntrust- instead of contacting me and asking for email correspondence ( which I have still ) or photos of my wedding to prove I did not wear their product ( which I also have ) or proof the full refund was never offered ( again, email chain ) … Suntrust wiped out my bank account after the 60 day period and raked up NSF charges galore and kept my direct deposit from my payroll check. So, here my family and I will sit on XXXX eating cereal or sandwiches ( because my bank account is in the negative and we could not buy things for a XXXX meal ). I have made several attempts with Suntrust agents to get them to understand that I did not overdraw my account. That I received no correspondence. I have all my emails from Suntrust. The last thing I received from their claims department was the claim form.
I would highly advise anyone searching for a bank, to not go to Suntrust. After this experience, I will be changing banks asap. They care nothing about their customers. The fact that they waited until two days before XXXX ( past the 60 day time frame ) when I had several pending transactions ( which resulted in NSFs ) to reverse a valid claim … tells me just how much they DO N’T care.

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