Using a debit or ATM card

I have noticed now about 4 times that PAYPAL when I go to do an ATM withdrawal of my account that the fees do not match up when held and the posted.
Example today my balance was {$200.00}. I withdrew {$200.00}. The ATM charged a {$3.00} fee for atm use. When looking at my account I have a new balance of {$3.00}. In the temporary hold section it shows a hold of {$200.00}. However, there is no mention of any fees associated on PAYPAL ‘s side for the ATM withdrawal. In looking at my summary, it showed before my {$200.00} balance, ATM withdrawal {$200.00}, balance {$3.00}. NO WHERE do that say or post the {$1.00} fee for the ATM card use. I have noticed this on ATM withdrawals but not checked if I use it at XXXX. I have noticed descrepencies with the balance and making purchases via Ebay or in person with my card. The balances do not seem to match up all the time.

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