Using a debit or ATM card

I am so disappointed in Bank of America, and their ways on charging hard working people like myself, and that lives check to check with all these hidden and ridiculous fees! I did n’t notice I overdrafted my cheking account, so my savings covered the overdraft cause I have them linked, and does n’t bank of America truly charge me {$12.00} for an overdraft transfer!! Wait what!!! For that I would of left my account overdrawn by XXXX cents instead of this sneaky stuff they are doing! This Is sad that you trust your bank with your hard earned money, and they just rip you from every angle. If I had thousands or millions I would n’t mind a bit, but the rip the little guy, and not the big guy with all the money!! These banks have to accountable for their wrongs too, and to loyal customers!! I also started a claim when my wallet got stolen and {$200.00} were taken out without any of my knowledge or authorization, and they just proceeded to dismiss my claim and not pay me back my stolen money!! I will never recommend this bank to anyone, cause they do n’t help you out at all. Only themselves!! I just lost my dad on XXXX and my financial situation is bad with all my dad ‘s funeral expenses!! I would n’t recommend bank of America and all their hidden and unjust fees and they do n’t help their customers out in any way!!

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