Using a debit or ATM card

I have on XXXX occasions disputed charges from my Regions Bank debit card linked to my Regions Bank Checking and Savings account, which were made that were the result of fraud. In XXXX, my debit card was lost and charges were made at XXXX XXXX for over {$300.00} dollars, from XXXX XXXX for over {$20.00} dollars, and an ATM withdrawal debit for over {$500.00} was made. I immediately contacted Regions via telephone and was told that until the charges actually posted, nothing could be done other than to cancel the debit card and re-isssue another XXXX. After the fraudulent charges posted, I went into the XXXX GA branch and filed a formal dispute along with signed affidavits. After waiting over 10 days, on XXXX XXXX I contacted Regions bank again via telephone and was told that the claims were denied due to the fact that the PIN number had been entered correctly on the ATM withdrawal and due to that, the other dispute claims denied as well. When I informed the representative that my PIN number was NOT written on the card, but that I did have the PIN number on a piece of paper enclosed in the same wallet that was lost which had my Regions Bank Debit card in it. I was told by XXXX XXXX XXXX of Regions Bank that she would appeal this and resubmit the dispute as long as I submitted a police report to Regions, which on XXXX XXXX I did submit a police report to Regions Bank and emailed it to : XXXXXXXXXXXX. As of XXXX XXXX, I have not been credited back for the XXXX fraudulent charges made on my Regions Debit card, nor the fraudulent ATM withdrawal which was made with the same card. Not only has Regions failed to credit me back for these debits, they also have n’t credited me back any of the numerous {$36.00} dollar NSF fee ‘s they have debited my account for. I am a XXXX American and rely on my Social Security money as my sole source of support, and this money is directly deposited into my Regions Bank Savings account. When I received my XXXX Social Security funds into my Regions bank account, a significant portion of this money was immediately taken by Regions to cover the over {$860.00} my checking account was at that time overdrawn by, directly as a result of these fraudulent debits and Regions subsequent illegal debit of fees charged to me. I find Regions Banks actions in this matter to be bordering on Criminal

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