Using a debit or ATM card

XXXX/XXXX/XXXX my cell was spammed as I rec ‘d nonstop texts/emails. XXXX I began to receive nonstop robocalls as well as texts, emails & voicemails. XXXX advised me to use my phone in airplane mode and wifi. I could not use my phone via cell tower until XXXX when, for some reason, the spamming stopped. XXXX a thief using a fake unauthorized debit card in XXXX withdrew {$3000.00} from XXXX of my bank accts from a Chase branch ATM ( no cameras ). thief answered my ” highly secure ” questions and was recognized by the Chase electronic voice to be me. I did not receive a text/email alert b/c my phone was inoperative. the XXXX withdrawal transactions were approved. thief then requested Chase transfer by phone ( XXXX ) {$2500.00} from XXXX different accounts & thief withdrew the rest of my money down to the last XXXX in a XXXX check cashing store ATM in XXXX NY. the XXXX transactions took 27 minutes. on XXXX my phone was working. I checked my accounts and immediately alerted Chase and the police to the fraudulent activity and theft of cash from my accounts. XXXX Chase rejected my claim of the {$5500.00} loss and I am appealing. combo phone spamming/debit card theft is something ” Chase had never heard of ”. they are accusing me of sharing my information with someone, including my debit card, PIN and all of my secure information. I did not share any of this information. I have my authorized debit card in my possession at all times and I certainly did NOT give out my credit reports to anyone. the ” highly secure ” questions are asked randomly by the bank and taken right off a person ‘s credit report. there have been no credit card purchases or accounts opened in my name – this crime was specifically for the theft of cash money. as of this date, XXXX XXXX, XXXX, Chase is not cooperating to reverse their conclusion that I am a thief.

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