Using a debit or ATM card

I called on XXXX/XXXX/15 at approximately XXXX and spoke with Branch Manager XXXX XXXX and explained to her my concerns about my account being debited 7 days after a purchase. I explained to her that I had been into my local branch BMO XXXX XXXX and my issues are still unresolved, she stated that she would look into this and call be right back she never returned my phone until after I called her back almost 24 hours later ( what about to Customer Service and Integrity ) After speaking with her on the next day I was informed that BMO Harris system indicated that my actual physical card was swiped 6 days later in which it was not and then removed from my bank account 1 day later. I then explained that I could produce a receipt stating that BMO Harris system is incorrect due to the fact the my receipt shows a date of Friday XXXX XXXX, 2015 not XXXX XXXX, 2015. She informed that its basically what BMO HARRIS system states and not my receipt. I asked for a corporate phone number and or address and she was unable to provide me with this information. She stated that she only had an internal number no contact number that could assist me.

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