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This is previous case that I submitted which goes to show you that Wells Fargo was engaging I activities to block my refund because it was looking to make money and not give it away. Therefore, they violated visa policy of refunding charges for not receiving what you paid for within 60 days. I sent proof that what was done was already done and had to be done over after the company damaged my car even further to make money from me/ Please make them clear up my account .
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Please see attached response. Thank you.

Please see attached response. Thank you.

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I went to XXXX to get an emission inspection for a XXXX Mercury Grand Marquis and a computer reset. State law requires the car to be driven before inspection w and the fact that it takes up to XXXX mile for the computer to reset and give a reading on passing or failing inspection. I had already had a diagnostic from XXXX saying that my egr valve and spark plugs needed to be replaced which I had repaired XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX. Also, I bought a battery since it had a dead cell in it. XXXX said that they had a dealer tag and would drive the XXXX miles needed to reset the computer which I was glad to pay for. Unfortunately, they did not drive the car because the odometer was the same XX/XX/XXXX as previous inspections XX/XX/XXXX. What they did do was damage my car so that they could use body parts from a Lincoln continental for repairs on my car and make XXXX I told them that I would pick my car up, but I was 10 minutes late and XXXX threatened to leave. I quickly paid for the ticket XXXX without seeing the actual paper work because I was rushing to prevent the tow truck driver from leaving. I thought that they had driven the car, but when I went back the next day to get the repair ticket they had charged me for other services including the inspection but had not driven the car as I had requested. I told this to Wells Fargo who credited my visa debit card and a few months later charged it back . The told me that I needed a second opinion about repairs even though I gave them evidence of the previous inspection and the one done by XXXX. showing the exact same odometer readings the same on XX/XX/XXXX and a brochure from XXXX stating state law. I gave them a letter from Sooner a car repair shop stating that driving the car had to be done in accordance to state law before inspection and they charged XXXX to reset automobile computers on their machine. Now my checking account is in collection with Wells Fargo who says I need a 2nd opinion to dispute a charge of not getting the services that I paid for which is a violation of the visa rules regarding purchases. I notified them the next day after I saw what I paid for on XX/XX/XXXX and paid for it on XX/XX/XXXX.

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