Using a debit or ATM card

As my debit card was set to expire, Bank of America issued a replacement card three months prior to the expiration date. The card never reached my mailbox and was intercepted by someone. I received a message that my debit card was being used and was asked to provide feedback regarding an attempted transaction at XXXX XXXX for {$520.00}. I responded within 30 minutes of the message stating that the transaction was not mine and to close the account. The account was not closed after I asked them to close it. Instead, they expedited the shipping of a new card. I filed a dispute with the bank to remove the fraudulent charge. In addition, I filed a police report and put fraud alerts on all the credit agencies. Bank of America declined my dispute stating that there was nothing wrong with the transaction. They are violating the Electronic Fund Transfer Act by not removing the fraudulent charge. A few days later, Bank of America sent another email to to me to verify a transaction on my credit card. When I called, they told me that they added a new user to the account, changed the address, and mailed a new card to a fraudulent address. They skipped the passwords and security that I set up for my banking accounts. They instructed me to have a police officer call a special number to retrieve the fraudulent address where a new card was sent. The police officer advised me that he can not do this without a subpoena. The advice Bank of America offered me was incorrect and ineffective.

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