Using a debit or ATM card

Chase Bank refuses to send a debit card to my address of record in retaliation for filing a previous complaint lodged against a branch manager at a XXXX, Washington office. The XXXX branch manager had refused opening a checking account based on my race : He did not accept the reality there were XXXX living in former XXXX only areas.

Its banking representatives offer excuses rather than solutions. Back on XX/XX/2017, there was a bank request for a debit card with a seven to ten day estimated time of arrival. It did n’t arrive by regular postal mail by XX/XX/2017, so it was necessary to call telephone banking to resolve the issue ; especially, since the building of residence has controlled access points, and the personal mailbox key belongs to the bank account holder. After speaking with XXXX customer service representatives by telephone, neither of whom were willing to provide any written documentation regarding the debit card, it was necessary to visit the local branch office.

On XX/XX/2017, the helpful branch manager at the XXXX, Washington location ordered another card by XXXX 2 day expedited delivery with an expected arrival date of Monday, XX/XX/2017. The debit card never arrived. It was necessary to contact telephone banking services on both XXXX and XX/XX/2017 and express dissatisfaction with customer service because someone had intercepted the bank card during transit. A banking representative person in charge first stated the bank did not re-send the debit card to the address on record because of the account was less than 30 days old and it was bank policy not to send XXXX cards to the same address. When told neither the first nor the second bank arrived to the address on record, another banking representative claimed there was a change in address and the bank not be able to send a debit card for thirty days. I adamantly demanded to know who placed account restrictions and for what reasons because someone had internally flagged it ; in addition, I demanded to know what party made an unauthorized change of address without either my knowledge or consent because since I had made none. Then it was necessary to tell the banking representative person in charge that Chase bank will not send a debit card to my home address of record because it was participating in racial discrimination.

Although both XXXX and XXXX have validated the address on file with Chase, the bank still refuses to send the debit card because of a previous negative encounter with the XXXX branch manager who made an internal complaint flagging the account for suspicion of fraudulent activity based on his claim the address on file was not valid. The branch manager had acted in a vindictive manner in retaliation for filing a formal complaint of racial discrimination with Chase executive offices.

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