Using a debit or ATM card

Union Bank sent me a new ” chip & pin ” debit card about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I did not ask for this card ; they just sent it to me. I activated the new card as soon as I received it. However, I have been having one problem after another using the new card. I read through the literature that Union Bank sent along with the new card, to see if there were any tips on how to resolve any problems with the new card. There were not any tips given … just legalese.
XXXX XXXX said Union Bank had declined my automatic payment on XX/XX/2016, even though there was plenty of money in my account. XXXX XXXX then canceled my car insurance and renter ‘s insurance. XXXX XXXX XXXX would not accept the new card either. I should add that the debit card number is the same on both the new card and the old card. The expiration date, however, is different on the new card. The CRV number is also different. Nowhere in the Union Bank ” chip & pin ” literature did it say for customers to contact merchants/automatic payment companies with a new expiration date.
Then, yesterday, at XXXX in XXXX, CA, my new debit card was denied for a purchase of XXXX. My card was scanned through their card reader at least 7 times. The card reader had chip technology, so the clerks tried to scan the card both ways. In addition, XXXX insisted that I was entering ” the incorrect pin number. ” I actually entered the correct pin number 4 or 5 times into their card reader. There was a long line of people behind me, and it was humiliating to be turned down for a XXXX purchase. The XXXX manager said, ” we ‘re sorry, but we can not authenticate this card. ” I ended up having to write a physical check, which, of course, just held up the line even longer.
As soon as I got home, I double-checked the balance in my bank account, which was fine. I also double-checked my pin number … I had indeed been using the correct pin at XXXX.
The XXXX manager told me to call Union Bank this morning … that the bank would be able to see in their system why my debit card had been declined on XX/XX/2016 so many times. I called the XXXX XXXX, CA branch of Union Bank this morning. The gentleman who answered the phone, XXXX, said there had indeed ” been a few problems with the new chip & pin cards. ” He gave me a national XXXX Union Bank number to call. However, when I was finally able to reach a real, live national Union Bank employee at XXXX XXXX. PST XX/XX/2016, and explain what had been happening with my new debit card, she just transferred me back to the bank ‘s automated phone system.

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