Using a debit or ATM card

I have an account in Texas. Citi sent me a new ATM card and requested me to go to a branch to activate it. There is no branch in Texas. So, to use another banks atm, I would be charged a fee. They indicated I would not be changed a fee XXXX I chatted with them. No fee to activate a fee. They also told me there ‘s a fee to activate. I do not want the debit card. They are also making me change my user name again after a year. This is ridiculous. I ca n’t pay my credit card bills or see the transactions. I am stuck because I do not have a local branch in Texas. This is unfair and deceptive since I have no choices and they are making me pay a fee. I have no access to pay my credit cards while they I am waiting which is giving them additional fees until they grant me access to my accounts. This is very unfair and deceptive.

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