Using a debit or ATM card

I have NEVER, EVER experienced such unprofessional service as what has occurred with a fraud situation with XXXX XXXX ; payroll provider for XXXX. On XX/XX/2017 my wife and I went to a local supermarket, XXXX to purchase some groceries as there was a pending ice storm. My payroll debit card was declined which was impossible as I was just paid two days prior and had not spent much of the funds. We came home and logged on to the website and noticed XXXX FRAUD CHARGES ; XXXX pending with XXXX for {$260.00} and XXXX charges for a company known as XXXX XXXX XXXX ( XXXX charges for {$100.00} and XXXX for {$51.00}. We immediately called the XXXX # on back of card and where directed to a XXXX male who spoke XXXX. He told me to contact the merchants and try to cancel with them. My wife works at a bank, XXXX, and explained that the procedure is generally a fraud affidavit and to dispute the charges. The XXXX male assured me he would send out a fraud affidavit and we had only 10 days to dispute charges from XX/XX/2017. I contacted XXXX but you can only contact them via an online email form. I described the situation and asked for them to cancel the pending charge of {$260.00}. By XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX, the XXXX charge was cancelled and money of {$260.00} was back in my account. I conacted XXXX XXXX XXXX via email form to as there was no phone number as out of country company. I did not hear back from the company until email received on Wednesday, XX/XX/XXXX stating that there was nothing that the company could do to explain the charges since WE HAVE NO PRIOR BUSINESS with them but they ” would cooperate with any disputes with the debit card company. ” I forwarded all documentation to Money Network via fax and mail on XXXX/XXXX/17 and then sent out all the documents via priority mail return receipt on Friday XX/XX/2017. I have retained all necessary documents which can be provided if needed. I regret having my money deposited with Money Network AKA First Data as now my co-workers have informed me that they have had similar situation and have NEVER received a resolution and that I would likely lose my money as the 10 days have now expired. I NEVER RECEIVED a fraud affidavit from the company and now am very concerned as the unprofessionalism and lack of understanding is clear on part of an out sourced call center to another country. I have done everything correctly and spent time and out of pocket to try and correct this situation for obvious FRAUD but the company does not seem to care to respond or act. I am at wits end and hope that at least but notifying the CFPB someone else does not go through this mess.

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