Using a debit or ATM card

To whom this may concern, I am writing to you after MULTIPLE failed attempts to rectify a fraudulent charge on my Bank of America checking account in the amount of {$2500.00}. On or around XXXX XXXX, 2015, I noticed that a purchase was made to my account on XXXX XXXX, 2015 that I did not authorize or approve. On XXXX XXXX, I called this company ” XXXX ” with whom the purchase was made, and was told to call my bank as they are the ones who can authorize the refund and open the investigation, because an order was never processed in my name. I then called to notify Bank of America on XXXX XXXX as well of this issue. After being on hold almost 40 MINUTES to speak to a person, I was then transferred to a claims department where I had to wait another 20 MINUTES to reach someone. The rep instructed me to call the company to file a ” cancellation policy. ” I inquired as to what this entailed, since XXXX told me there was NO order that had been placed, although my B of A account stated otherwise. The rep stated they would open an investigation, and reach a decision within 90 days. I would be updated on the status of the decision via mail ( USPS ) and to look out for such during that time frame. I offered to provide evidence pertaining to this case and was told that would n’t be necessary at this time, however, during the course of the investigation, they may probably require something. Within a few days, I noticed my account was credited the funds I was disputing.
Around XX/XX/XXXX, I called B of A to inquire about the status of the investigation, as I still had n’t received any paperwork on the case. The rep told me they were still conducting an investigation and I should be receiving something in the mail shortly. On XXXX XXXX, 2015 I was notified that my account was in the negative … .. over {$2500.00} to be exact, the exact amount of the credit that was originally issued for the charge. I immediately called the bank and asked what happened, as I NEVER received this paperwork as to any updates on this case. All the rep told me was they found no error, and I was responsible for the charge. At no point was I given an opportunity to provide any evidence, and at no point did the bank inform me of their decision let alone notify me of any status. It was n’t until my account was in the negative that I had to call and find out what happened. I asked about this paperwork that I never received and inquired as to when it was mailed out. The rep stated she did n’t have a way to pull up that info. I asked what my next options were, and she told me to call this ” XXXX ” company and take the matter up with them. I immediately called this company, and was directed back to the bank because ” this matter was out of their hands. ” I went into a B of A branch to speak with a manager about this matter also on XXXX XXXX, and was told that I could file an appeal. The gentleman gave me a number to call so I could start this process. Ironically, he informs me that I should have received paperwork from the claims department INITIALLY, as well as info about the merchants response, AND provided the opportunity to refute anything that was said. He said these documents should have been mailed out before my money was taken. He gave me copies of these such documents and let me keep them for my record. Lastly, he was baffled as to why I did n’t receive anything alerting me that the temporary credit was being taken back.
Over the next month and a half, I have filed half a dozen appeals and complaints and have been unsuccessful in solving this issue. At no point has this institution given me the opportunity to submit any evidence or documents, or provided me with the paperwork to fill out from the beginning of this ordeal. A branch manager at a location gave me a copy of the paperwork i should have received. This is outright theft.

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