Using a debit or ATM card

I banked @ Huntington. I ‘ve had identity theft. Requested a new card, checking and savings account number. I called 3 days in a row and nothing was done. I went to the branch and the young lady really helped me. While going through her process she noticed a XXXX $ charge trying to come through. She admitted I had serious problems. She opened a new account and debit card. Also disputed the charges against my account. The next day they closed my account and refuse to investigate the charges against me. Everyone in customer service were very rude with attitudes. I ca n’t pay my bills. I have nothing. I have to wait for tem to send the XXXX $ back to me. I filed bankrupt, therefore they were willing to open another account. I had identity theft then. Now they are saying I am high risk. My accounts were open when I told them that a representative advised me that it appears to be identity theft. The credit bureau advised me as well. All I am asking is what is owed to me. Customer Service has only given me nasty attitudes. They closed my accounts because of the disputes, although I alerted then when I first recognized them. I have to continue suffering because my direct deposits have to be rerouted as well as my checks bouncing..

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