Using a debit or ATM card

BREACH OF CONTRACT and DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES BY BANK OF AMERICA. When I opened a Small Business Checking account with BA, I was advised that as long as I make commercial purchases with my ATM VISA card, there would be NO monthly charges applied to my Business Checking account. Basicaly I was promissed a total FREE SMALL BUSINESS CHECKING. Subsequently, I noticed on my statements that despite the above promiss of a FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT, the Bank began to charge me a {$16.00} monthly service charge despite the fact that I was using my VISA Business Debit Card to make purchases. When I bought this matter to the attention of the XXXX XXXX Branch manager, she apologized and refunded all the $ XXXX-charges. Despite the corective action taken by the branch manager, a few months later Bank of America again started to reinstate the $ XXXX-monthly charges, in violation of the Agreement and they have been illegally ading the $ XXXX-monthly service charge for the past 5-months. In fact they did the same deceptive practice with my personal checking by charging me {$3.00} monthly fee for Check Image service, despite the fact that I have signed up for paperless account service. When I complained to customer service, again they apologized and refunded the illegal service charges. The actions I just described above is a CONSISTENT PATERN OF FRAUDULENT AND DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES and BREACH OF CONTRACT by WILLFULL MISCONDUCT by BANK OF AMERICAN INC.

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