What About MLM’s Top Field Leaders

…do they wake up each morning and wonder what it is they’re doing right? Let’s take a look at the 10-Step Pattern for Success and see how MLM’s top field leaders are achieving their success.

1 determine your “why” and your dreams

The human spirit can be an indomitable force. It is often said that if you have a big enough “why,” then you can overcome any “how,” and accomplish that which you set your mind to. Think about why you are in this business — do you want more time with your family, more flexible working hours, better health, or a better career opportunity?— and write it in the space provided below.
My “why” is:_________________________________

2 set goals

Too many dreams remain just that (a dream) for lack of effective goal-setting. We’ve heard it all our lives—“set realistic yet challenging goals, be specific, and write them down”—but you’d be surprised at how few actually do it. This can work to your advantage: choose to be one of the few who makes the extra effort to apply this time-tested principle. It’s often this slight advantage that makes the difference in the end. Take a few moments to flesh out one of your goals here below.
One of my goals is to: _______________________
I will accomplish this by (doing what?):___________
I will achieve this goal by (date):_________________

3 make commitments

Simply writing down your goals does not guarantee success. For your goals to be meaningful, you must remain committed to your plan. Here are some ways you can commit yourself to the business: (1) Use the resources available to you; i.e., marketing materials, training tools, upline support, (2) Enroll in the AutoShip program, (3) Learn about the product and its benefits, (4) Study the compensation plan and know the eight ways you can earn money with Company, and (5) Look for chances to share the product and business opportunity with friends, family, and those you meet, on a daily basis. What are some other ways you can commit yourself to your business?

4 build a list of prospects

Have you ever panned for gold? Perhaps not, but if you’re familiar with the principle, let’s apply it here. Whether it’s gold or the right kind of person you are looking for, there is a sifting process. You do not want to prejudge, but you do want to prequalify a prospective distributor. In time, everyone deserves the opportunity to at least see and taste Network Marketing. So, take the time to write down the names of everyone you know who might be interested in an opportunity for better health and wealth.

5 contact and invite

This is where the rubber meets the road. Begin sharing your dream with your prospects and try to discover what their “why” could be. Focus on building relationships, and gauge their interest level. You’ll be able to tell who’s not interested—and that’s okay. Because as the river of opportunity continues to flow and you let the sediment fall through your fingers, you just may end up holding a golden nugget!

Here are some ways to invite people to learn more about Company:
• Direct them to your distributor web site.
• Have them to your home to taste the product and learn about the compensation plan.
• Accompany them to a Company regional meeting or a local meeting in your area.
• Invite them to listen in on one of company’s telephone or Web-based conference calls featuring company founders and distributor field leaders.

6 show the plan

You can do all of the other steps, but unless you show the plan, your business won’t grow. Set a goal to show the plan at least 3–5 times per week. Remember to draw on the expertise of your upline in conducting a meeting or when showing the plan.

7 follow up and follow through

Network Marketing is an opportunity, and opportunity is about timing. While the timing might not be ideal for someone today, it could be perfect for them in two weeks or a few months. The seeds you plant today through contacting and inviting will become the fruit you harvest tomorrow through follow-up.

8 get started

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” just about sums up presenting the opportunity to a prospective distributor or customer. No one should ever be pressured to participate, but everyone should have the opportunity. Once a prospect has been exposed to the opportunity, one of three decisions will be made: (1) I’d like to spend a little money to get this great product (i.e., become a retail or preferred customer), (2) I’d like to save a little money and get this great product (i.e., become a distributor to purchase the product at the wholesale price), or (3) I’d like to make some money (i.e., become a distributor and build a business, while enjoying the product). Be positive in your presentation and expect great results!

9 counsel with your upline

Counseling with your sponsor or active upline is an important key to your success. It has been said that experience is the best teacher, as long as it is someone else’s experience…then it is wisdom. Your sponsor or active upline has a vested interest in your success. The experience and motivation they provide cannot only keep you going, but keep you going in the right direction. Learning from the experience of others will help you progress in Network Marketing at a preferred pace.

10 duplicate yourself

Your success will ultimately be determined by your ability to duplicate yourself through those you sponsor. Be the type of distributor that you would want to have in your downline. Because, chances are, those you bring into your organization will duplicate most of your habits—good and bad. Be the example, follow these 10 steps, and teach those you sponsor the ITS factor—Invite, Taste, and Share.

It’s Simple, It’s Fun, It’s Network Marketing.

Use these principles from the plan to find the way to your destination with MLM…and say “Hi” to Roger Federer and Tiger Woods along the way.


success is a habit.
get addicted!

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