What Does “Making Money” Mean to You?

Making Money

Although the words used may be identical, what people lacking prosperity consciousness (‘poor’ people) mean when they talk about ‘making money’ is worlds apart from what the ‘rich’ (people with a prosperous mentality) mean.

The ‘poor’ person looks for additional ways to do the only thing they know – that is, to sell more of their time. They want to get a second job, do some jobs on the side or do more overtime. In other words, what a ‘poor’ person is looking for when they talk about making money is working longer or harder. Their concept of making more money may include asking for a raise or looking for a higher paying job. Nevertheless the result is still the same. What they earn is directly related to how much they can sell their time for. A ‘poor’ person is only interested in increasing their income. This type of income is called active linear income because it comes from their personal exertion.

A ‘rich’ person on the other hand is interested in creating more wealth when they talk about making money. They are more interested in working smart than hard. They are not interested in selling their time because they are looking for greater leverage from their efforts. In other words, they are looking for large results from the least amount of effort. They are looking to increase their assets rather than their income. They understand that working longer and harder is not the answer to making money.

Even though you may be paid well, you will not get rich from your activities if you are not building a valuable business asset to sell. You need to create wealth through your business. If you depend on your ongoing ability to sell your time to maintain your lifestyle, your business is centred on yourself and your personal efforts.

Can you see the difference between earning an income and creating wealth?

Can you see what ‘rich’ people look for when they talk about making money?

What does making money mean to you?

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