What Is Your Biggest Issue with MLM?

While mlm has been the answer for many people, it is still a social “black eye” for many. Even though the old days of mlm are nearly gone, there are still many companies who operate under their old marketing plans, making successful selling and recruiting almost impossible.

For many people, mlm has been the reason they have lost a lot of money and during my time in the game this has been confirmed many tomes over. I cant recall the number of times people turned me down over the phone because they or somebody they knew had bad experiences with mlm.

What Is Your Biggest MLM Phobia?

The number one reason why most people fail in mlm is fear. We all fear things. Whether it be talking to people on the phone, cold calling, face to face talks, distributing out marketing materials, or mentoring our down line, most of us have an area that we rather suppress.

Trouble is, when we suppress things we tend to blow them up and soon enough a midget becomes an elephant. In mlm, this could quickly snowball and before you know it, you have effectively paralyzed yourself due to over analysing things.

When you think about it, Im sure you have been in those situations before. My own biggest fear was cold calling people on the phone and talking to strangers on the street. You might have been told about the 5 foot rule in your own mlm.

That is when you try to hit on anything that moves within a 5 feet radius. Not a particular nice thing to do, especially if your hands get all sweaty, your heart starts racing 200 beats per minute and you want nothing more than to stick your head in the sand and forget all about it.

When we are afraid of things we freeze up. Our body goes into survival mode and all we can think of is the nearest exit to flee.

Some say, you have to train your phobias and take charge of them. But this is easier said than done.

What if your integrity screams “ABUSE”? If you are dead set against those practices from a personal belief, there is no way you will overcome those phobias. It took me some time to realize this myself, but when I did, I felt great.

At least I knew there was nothing wrong with me. So, what is your phobia?

So what is your biggest issue with mlm? If you are part of the 99% who fail and chances are you are, what failed you and why?

Was it the wrong company, the wrong upline, were you the wrong person or was the product wrong?

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