What Separates the Great Event from Other Conventions?

Great Event

1. The caliber of people who attend this event.

There is a good chance that the person you are sitting next to during the sessions, or having lunch with is already earning $5,000, $25,000 , $50,000 or even $100,000+ a month!

You’ll have lunches, dinners, and even a giant super-networking social event on night. The contacts you make can serve you a lifetime. You simply will not find such a high-level group to network with at an ordinary seminar or workshop.

2. The nature of the event.

At most events, the presenters are telling you the “politically correct” and sanitized version of the truth. Because this is a closed-door event, you’ll get the real story.

You’ll have access to the best and brightest the profession has to offer, in an environment that fosters disclosure. Between their individual sessions and the panel discussions, you’ll learn the good stuff that never gets said at your company convention.

3. Tested, proven and network marketing specific.

All the information revealed is tested, proven and network marketing specific.

This is NOT some general goal setting workshop, some silly Rally where you are shouting slogans and standing on the chairs, or a feel-good Retreat where you are going to sing Kum-Bay-Ah. This is NOT about ‘non-duplicatable’ SEO marketing wizardry, or internet-marketers trying to be sneaky by back-ending ‘wiz-bang-go-bust’ packages to network marketers, or even the ‘sponsor 12,345 people on your frontline with a click of a button’ non-sense.

This program is exactly for and completely dedicated to front line leaders in the Network Marketing profession. The presenters you hear have decades of real field experience in the business and are still active in the profession.

They speak your language, and they know the issues you are facing right now. They have been through company closings, economic ups and downs, dropouts, over-zealous government regulators, no shows, negative publicity, and product recalls. Someone on the faculty has the answer to all the challenges you have now.

4. Content not infomercials.

There’s nothing worse than attending an event, only to have to sit through speaker after speaker spending most of their allotted time pitching you on their audio albums. The presenters won’t spend half their session promoting them. We figure you are big kids, and you can make your own decisions.

5. Your Group is Safe Here.

It should go without saying (but won’t), that this event is totally generic.

So feel free to bring along your leaders, and the people you want to develop into leaders. Just check your flipcharts at the door!

6. Live Simulataneous Interpretation!

YES! Live language interpretation will be available!

7. It’s a FIRST CLASS learning, networking, and growth experience.

The location, production, and program were all chosen to provide you the best learning experience possible. Who feels like learning when an event is in a budget hotel with no restaurant, and the hot water runs out? Every detail of this event is choreographed to provide you a rich, powerful and lucrative experience.

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