Why I Quit MLM

I quit mlm for many reasons. But first and foremost it was because I couldnt turn my head on the companys shoddy deals anymore. When I first joined my mlm company back in 2008 I was excited and positively green behind my ears.

I didnt realize that behind closed doors there was a totally different scenario than what was presented to opportunity seekers at our companys outings. It also took me a long while to understand that our leaders were in fact nothing but very good scam artists.

They would smile you in the face while scamming you left, right and center to buy expensive and unnecessary business tools to fatten their own pockets for extra profit. Little did I know of the wars that were going on behind closed doors.

I guess the final straw snapped when I was lured into attending a Vegas convention which was the biggest waste of time ever. Not only was the whole event geared toward the U.S market (Im in Australia), but when I decided to sit with my friends away from the pack at the back of the room, I got reprimanded by my upline for doing just so. And here I was thinking I ran my own business.

Soon enough I started to see the finer aspects of my business and the more I saw, the less I liked what I was doing. To mention that I had allowed myself to be brainwashed is an understatement.

What was once a love relationship with my mlm business soon turned to contempt and eventually hate. I knew then I had to get out.

That is exactly what I did. The day I severed my ties with the company was the best day of my life (ok maybe not). But it sure as hell felt great, because a huge weight was lifted from my mind.

Gone were the financial pressures, the antipathy against calling clients on the phone, the antiquated marketing systems – I was told to doing flyers for gods sake! And gone were also the people that had started to piss me off. Especially the leaders at the very top who were consciously milking us for all we were worth.

That was why I got out of mlm. I had lost my faith in the business model, plus it just wasnt me.

Why did you get out? Or why are you still in? Please let me know.

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