Recruit While You Sleep

How many of you bust their butt when it comes to building a team underneath you? My bet is too many. Especially if you are still using outdated tools given to you by your mlm company.

I’m talking about mass produced membership site, expensive marketing tools that are not even worth the digital space they are designed on and useless flyers.

You can build your team a lot easier if you use a marketing funnel instead. To create this funnel you need two ingredients:

  1. You need an effective capture page. This page will serve as an appetizer to lure prospective team members into your claws. It sounds brute, but this is how you end up on dozens of email lists too.
  2. You also need a reliable auto responder that send messages out on your behalf all the while following government guidelines not abusing anti spam laws.

Why You Need An Autoresponder Service For Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of advertising your network marketing business with the help of your voice, Internet, advertising or word of mouth. Each and everyone of these options will generate interested leads who visit your site to find out more about your opportunity.

The problem with most established network marketing companies is the fact that they supply you with a lead generation site, what they fail to tell you though is that thousands of others get exactly the same template making it virtually impossible to rank well and or stand apart from your competitors.

Perhaps your company told you it didnt matter to have competition. I tend to disagree though. In many circumstances I agree that competition is actually great for business, but when it comes to mlm it makes your life a lot harder if there are already dozens of distributors in your area.

Trying to compete with Tom, Dick & Harry will cost you a lot more than if you were the first person in your area to offer your opportunity.

Autoresponders are a must if you want to move your business ways beyond the common ground. Instead of using your company lead generation site set up a lead capture page and attract new leads by giving them a valuable free report in return for their email address and name.

Doing this is worth gold to you since you can then market to these people long after you left your current network marketing company.

As it happens most people chop and change several times before they ever get successful (if all).

Choose business freedom with an autoresponder

By using an autoresponder you will operate your business without being bound to small print when you leave a company. As long as you stick to their TOS with your lead generation site you can do whatever you want with the leads you garner. Plus, by using a proper service like Aweber you will never be caught in a spam court case since all leads are collected by double opt-in methods.

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