With Network Marketing Providing the Pathway to the American Dream

Dave was introduced to Network Marketing by a friend who thought the product would help him through a snowboarding injury he was battling. Initially Dave declined the offer, but eventually he agreed to try it, and was glad when he did. “I had a very positive experience with Company and just to make sure it wasn’t the placebo effect, I sent some to another pro snowboarder who had similar issues. When he enjoyed the benefits as well, I knew Company was for real,” Dave says.

Ever since he gained his own testimonial of the product, Dave’s Network Marketing business has snowballed. He went Star in two months, and it doesn’t look as though he plans to slow down anytime soon. “Once I experienced health and wealth through Network Marketing, I decided that I was going to give everyone in snowboarding a chance to experience Network Marketing — and I know everyone in snowboarding!” Dave says.

Dave didn’t become a top snowboarder by making excuses, and he didn’t let a rigorous snowboarding schedule keep him from taking on the Network Marketing opportunity. “When people say they don’t have enough time for Network Marketing, I laugh,” Dave says. “If I can find time for Network Marketing in my schedule, anyone can. You’ve got to make time and stop making excuses for being unhealthy and broke.”

Dave believes that the Network Marketing opportunity can set you free; it can get you out of the mindset that you have to stay in a “regular” job. “That is not the American Dream,” Dave says. “Those who come to America and start their own businesses have the dream, not us; we have it backward.”

A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Dave has his own reality TV show and even owns a couple of hotels. “Of all the business ventures I’ve been involved with, Company is my favorite,” Dave says. “I enjoy doing Network Marketing because I’m helping people, and I like that.

I’m not in it for the money; I’ve made money.” With Network Marketing providing the pathway to the American Dream, Dave encourages people to not be afraid to tell others about the opportunity. “You are doing people a favor by telling them about Network Marketing,” Dave says. “This is the best opportunity around, and by sharing it, you could be changing people’s lives in more ways than one.”

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