Women Leave Workforce and What This Means for MLM

According to a recent news report by the NY Times, women in America are leaving the workforce left, right and center. Forced by economic conditions, women all across the nation are staying home for the first time since the women movement came alive back in the 1960s. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed this with their latest report in which it becomes clear that the national percentages of women at work has fallen for the first time ever.

So how does this related to mlm or direct sales you might wonder?

Since it is clear that thousands of women are forced from their jobs through downturns, layoffs, outsourcing, stagnant wages or the discouraging prospect of an outright pay cut, many have chosen to stay home instead while others have no other options than to stay home because they cant find new employment.

The suffering economy is certainly a major contributor to this massive trend. The problem is, this trend is hugely negative, since it forces many families into a very tight financial corner and people end up losing their homes because they cant afford to pay their mortgages anymore.

MLM often provides many of these women with a last resort. The idea to earn some money on the side while working from home becomes more enthralling as time goes by.

Some might even say that mlm surges when the economy goes down and in some ways this even makes sense, although there are no statistics that prove this. What do you think? Have you been affected by this economy trend, or are you still employed in a secure job?

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