Working out While You Travel

How do you workout when you are miles away from your home and your gym? As difficult as it may be, it is possible, especially when you have time, equipment and energy.

Make Time to Workout

Whether with relatives or attending business meetings, you are going to have to squeeze some time from somewhere in order to workout. An hour or so is not too much time to extract from your day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tools for a Simple Workout

Equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. Keep in mind you can usually purchase a one-day pass from a neighborhood gym for about the price of a glass of wine. If you would like, you can bring along exercise bands or a jump rope. Whether you are stuck in a hotel room or have access to an entire house, you can creatively construct an exercise program.

On-the-Road Workouts

Try these simple excercises the next time you find yourself far from home.

Tricepts and Bicepts. For triceps, use bands to do extensions or kickbacks. Use bands or liquid laundry detergent bottles for bicep curls.

Legs. Leg exercises are probably the easiest to pull off. You can do lunges with or without weight as well as squats. Standing calf raises usually go overlooked but are an essential for great legs.

Chest. Pushups are an easy-to-do anywhere chest exercise. You can vary standard push-ups with different hand width positions or try incline or decline pushups by using a chair to elevate either your upper or lower body before performing the exercise. Lie on an ottoman or similar piece of furniture and use a light weight for flys.

Back. Using your bands for upright rows will keep blood flowing in your back muscles. Sit in a chair and bend your head towards your knees while raising both arms behind you to chest level to work your medial back muscles.

Abdominals. How can we forget about the most important muscle group in the body, the abdominals? Your abdominals, when properly strengthened, help maintain posture and prevent back injury. Crunches and side bends require no equipment and can be done anywhere. Leg raises performed correctly have a significant benefit for your lower abs.

Cardio. Cardiovascular activity is probably the simplest of all. Grab that jump rope you packed in your suitcase and get to it. Throw on some running shoes and take a peek at the local scenery. Without even thinking about it, you could easily get in a few miles. Borrow a bike from relatives or rent one from a local bike shop, or jump in the hotel pool and swim a few laps, the options are endless.

Finding Energy While on the Road

Traveling can and often does take a lot out of you. But finding a little extra energy to go sight seeing or taking a simple walk are good steps in not only maintaining a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are, but is a great way for you to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

Please note: Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

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