Written notification about debt

On or about XXXX I contacted _express recovery__. Regarding a debt I was told I had on my credit report. They said it was a medical bill I received while visiting utah, during XXXX . I had insurance at that time that paid my medical expenses. I told the woman the report said I owed {$2.00}. She stated I owed due to interest. I told her I would pay the original amount only due to the fact I just became aware the insurance had not completed payment. She said she would settle for half the interest if I sent the check. I needed verification and did not receive any. Later on in XXXX I received a call stating I owed and I told her of the phone call and agreement I told her to speed the process send letter via email. The woman accused me of knowing about debt and i said ye s 2 week ‘s ago when i called. When I opened the email today XXXX XXXX the payment agreement was not what was told to me. It did not disclose the original debtor, or the amount on my report.She had tried to say the payment plan was due the same day as the letter and I was to pay the balance of interest. NOT THE AGREEMENT I MADE! The letter does not state an account number.

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