Written notification about debt

My wife has been receiving calls from XXXX XXXX XXXX ( account # XXXX ) a cting on behalf of Cash Central on an a lleged debt that I owe. The issue is that I have NEVER taken out a loan with them. They advised that there are no stores in the XXXX XXXX area where I reside, so this payday loan would have been done online which I can promise I did not do. I have been given the run around and feel that I have not been given enough information to dispute this debt. I also have not received ANYTHING in the mail from these people. When I asked XXXX XXXX XXXX for the address of Cash Central, I was told the first time that they could not locate it and the second time that their system was frozen. I was only able to obtain an account number ending in XXXX . They also stated that the individual that obtained this loan put down their place of employment as XXXX XXXX , which I worked there, but not in XXXX when this loan was allegedly obtained as I have been employed with XXXX for 7 years. I was finally able to find a phone number for Cash Central and address ( XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX , OH XXXX , ph # XXXX ). I followed the prompts, opti on 1, opt ion 1 again, then option 2 for past due status and then it hangs up each time. I had to find another way to get thru by constantly pressing zero, in which I waited on hold for a go od 25 minu tes to only get some new person that advised me that they were unable to release their corporate address, just the billing address to send payments per her supervisor. She then advised that the account was taken over by XXXX XXXX , XXXX . I called them and they told me that the account was recalled back by Cash Central X/X/2014 and they misdirect calls to them all the time. Me and my wife are in the process of building a new home, and I WILL NOT keep dealing with these people, and I definitely wo n’t be calling them back a 3rd time just to wait on hold for another 25-30 minutes to get someone on the line just to give me the run around again. I need some help here please!!! This is not my debt and I have not been given the proper information to dispute it. In my opinion, they have the burden of proof, not me. My social is XXXX .

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