Written notification about debt

I cancelled my service with XXXX 2 months ago and paid my outstanding balance. The clerk on the phone verified everything was balanced. Now I ‘ve recieved a collections letter from Convergent Outsourcing asking for {$160.00} on the behalf of XXXX . I have never missed a payment for the 3 years I was with them. I never recieved a notice of any kind from XXXX that I owed them more money, so I did n’t even get an opportunity to dispute or enquire about the charges before my account was sent to collection. Is n’t that an illegal practice? So far I have sent a letter to Convergent in response to this matter. Apparently XXXX is doing this to many consumers, which unfairly affects people ‘s credit scores. I have done research, ( XXXX BBB and CTW for XXXX complaints ), that verifies many complaints about XXXX billing and collection practices. For anyone dealing with XXXX or thinking about doing so, beware. I encourage anyone to XXXX complaints for this company as the in formation is very informative. How do they get away with this?!

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