Written notification about debt

I XXXX XXXX am entitled to the same benefits of the 2015 modification to reporting of medical debts just as any other American consumer. In 2015 , I was involved in a XXXX XXXX work related accident. My Union insurance will eventually cover XXXX % of all medical claims, but while I was recuperating for over 18-months, s everal medical companies, hospitals and emergency services took the liberty to simply turn over medical balances to medical collectors, who in turn did not give me the benefit of a 180-day wr itten notice that after the 180-day notice expired the balances could be reported on my credit bureaus. Every company I will post with the CFPB has violated my rights under the CFPB XXXX – XXXX – XXXX XXXX agree ment of 2015 . All medical collections m ust be removed immediately by all medical debt collectors , and I must be send a 180-day notice, so my insurance can work on resolving all claims. REMOVE ALL MEDICAL COLLECTIONS A S MANDATED!!!

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