Written notification about debt

In XXXX XXXX, I withdrew from school because of the death of my then fiancee to XXXX. I was struggling financially from his death and I was left with no financial support from his estate. I was attending XXXX XXXX and I spoke to them about the issue and then informed me I owed money to the school because they returned the funding back to my loan company and to the VA ( Veteran ‘s Administration ) through my voc rehab program. I explained to the school I could only pay {$50.00} a month back making good faith to pay back the money. The school refused to take my money and was very rude and told me ” should pay my bills ”. I tried over the 2 year period to speak with someone that would listing and help me through debt. I finally got back on my feet financially in XXXX XXXX and again reached out to the school about the debt. I was told that I could make payments to the school directly through the portal. I made my first payment in XXXX XXXX of {$270.00}, the school accepted the payment. I was then rudely told I could not work an agreement with them and I needed to contact ConServe. I contacted them and again after being spoken to in a very threatening and rude tone, I called back and spoke with a supervisor. We worked out a payment plan of {$200.00} a month, I have even made additional payments since that point to bring down the balance, however now they have put this on my credit report, runined my credit score and are n’t even reporting the amount correct stating I owe over {$3800.00} which is not true. I just need help, I have filed a complaint against this company Conserve with the BBB and still have no resolution. Please help!

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