Written notification about debt

I was unaware of the debt and I offered settlement as they never notified me of my right to dispute the debt in writing. When I became aware that I could dispute the debt, in which I was just offering settlement to make this go away as the person at Capstone Credit Services, XXXX XXXX was very degrading, I did just that. I sent them a request to dispute the debt via email on XXXX XXXX , 2017 , and followed up with them as of XXXX XXXX , 2017 to advise them they had failed to send validation to the debt however they continue to report this to my credit report. They are in essence violating the law in the fact that they are reporting an unvalidated/unverified account. I have contacted their office as recent as today and spoke with a XXXX XXXX who advised me to leave her alone and find someone else to both er. ( How unprofessional! )

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