Written notification about debt

On XXXX XXXX , XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX sent me a letter notifying that my credit card I have not used in two years will be closing due to a recent scan of my credit report. Urgently, I got a copy of my report and saw that I had XXXX outstanding medical bills since XXXX unpaid and sent to collections. I had never seen these before. I called the collections agency, Grant & Weber, and after verbal mistreatment they pointed at me saying it was my fault for not receiving the statements. I had moved to XXXX different states within XXXX years and XXXX residencies in XXXX of those states. I calmly asked them what rights I have to verify that they had been sending me letters. They told me I had to pay my collections up front. I let them know I was educated to know I had the right to ask for proof of mailing me these letters from collections. They put me on hold and yelled, ” I ‘m answering this other guy that wants to pay! I have no time for you! ” Because of this treatment, I will fight this and do what is right. If I owe, of course I would pay to my Dr. ‘s. No way am I paying these debt collectors. You are a disapp ointment to our people. XXXX XXXX , o f Grant and Weber Collections said, ” I have no interest in helping people. ” Well, XXXX . No one wants your help if it ‘s going to be harassment.

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