Written notification about debt

AWA collections has not attempted to contact me and the ONLY way I found out that something had been sent to them was by my credit report. I have contacted them to get paperwork verifying the charges since I never received anything from the hospital before being sent to collection. They told me to mail in request for documentation but the first rep ( XXXX /2017 ) did not provide any information. My insurance company then called and the collection agency verified information with them and provided information to them but not to me. The 2nd rep hung up on me repeatedly even after me asking for the information. The 2nd rep XXXX XXXX ID XXXX ( XXXX / XXXX / 17 ) was also condescending when I asked what the charges and dates were for since I have still yet to receive anything from this company. I also questioned if they offered a discount if I paid in full today, I was immediately told no and that they do not have to work with me because I did not pay my bill, would have had I known about it! Every time I have talked with this company they do nothing but talk to you like your stupid for not paying your bill. Everyone at some point or another has had a bill go to collection. It sure does not help when they will not work with you to get this issue taken care of. This issue is still not resolved since you can not get any where when talking to them because they talk down to you every single time you call. I was told today ( XXXX / XXXX / 17 ) that a letter was sent to XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX which does not exist and the hospital has the correct information I was there 4 w eeks! No date of when the letter was sent was provided to me. I pray that no one has to work with this company they are horrific and not helpful at all!

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