Written notification about debt

For the first time a ” Memorandum of costs after judgment of accured interest ” dated XX/XX/XXXX was mailed to my old address from Persolve LLC case # XXXX XXXX Courthouse?! It was a long time before I could find any case info because the website indicates XXXX XXXX Courthouse not XXXX . I was shocked to find out this Company filed summons XX/XX/XXXX , got judgment in XX/XX/XXXX . I was never informed, called, served or anything mailed to me for 7 years!!!! This Company filed Writ of Execution to XXXX County XX/XX/XXXX . In XX/XX/XXXX 7 they garnished my Bank account and took money!!!!!! I filed Claim of Exemption XX/XX/XXXX .that was mailed to wrong address again after I gave the Sheriff correct address and phone number. I do n’t know who this Company is or owe anything to them. How can the Court o rder against me without giving me a fair chance to defend my self. I ca n’t explain how violated I feel. I am XXXX . My only income is from XXXX . I am a XXXX XXXX XXXX . How can they do this to me? It is hard to deal with day to day suffering from my illness. BUT THEY MANAGED TO STEAL MY MONEY. I have court on XXXX because Persolve filed notice of opposition to claim of exemption???? I have contacted XXXX , XXXX XXXX and XXXX they have no records of any negative accounts. It is deceptive collection practices and misleading the Court, The Judge, The Law and myself. I need some one that will stand up for me and stop others from being unfairly taken advantage of.

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