Your Body Naturally Produces Antioxidants

Fruits naturally produces antioxidants

I have exciting news to share from a study I recently conducted with a team of scientists based in Washington. I want to point out, however, that these results are preliminary and cannot be extrapolated to a broader population. Initial findings from this new scientific study showed that drinking four ounces of juice daily significantly increased participants’ antioxidant supply and ability to inhibit free radicals.

The study involved 12 healthy participants, each of whom took juice as well as a placebo at different stages. Blood samples were drawn before and after each stage of the study. To help you better understand these promising results, let me first explain the science behind free radicals and antioxidants. Oxygen provides your body with life-sustaining abilities, but it also creates potentially harmful side effects. Each time you breathe oxygen through your lungs, a metabolic process (oxidation) occurs in your body. During this process, your cells lose electrons to oxygen, creating free radicals. These highly unstable molecules look to bond with other molecules, causing cell damage that can lead to aging.

To combat this oxidative process, your body naturally produces antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that bond with free radicals to neutralize their effect. Though your body attempts to balance the ratio of free radicals to antioxidants, external factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, excessive exercise, and a poor diet can contribute to an excess of free radicals. To protect you from this potentially damaging buildup, your body requires an external source of antioxidants when an imbalance occurs. That’s what makes this research so important.

More than 80% of participants in this study had a significant increase in their antioxidant activity after drinking juice, according to the first pilot study.

When we then studied a larger group of subjects, the results were even more impressive and statistically significant, which should delight you when you’re consuming juice.

Again, though additional research is needed, these initial results are very promising.

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