Account opening, closing, or management

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Several months back, I was told by a banker at Wells Fargo that I could sign up for ” overdraft protection ” by having my savings account tied to my checking. I was told that if I ever overdrew my checking account, that the funds would be automatically transferred from my savings. I have recently closed the savings account, due to loss of income, and reviewed my checking and savings history over the last few months. I noticed several {$12.00} charges for each automatic transfer from my savings to my checking. I was not informed of these charges when I agreed to the option. Had I been aware of the charges, I never would have agreed since I can transfer the funds myself online for free. I attempted to contact Wellls Fargo, explain the issue, and request a refund. I was told by the operator that they always tell people about the fees associated with these transfers, and that they will not refund the money. The most they could offer was a flat {$37.00} for the inconvenience. I explained to the operator that any fees associated with an account service have to be disclosed beforehand. I also requested that they review the call log to verify that I was not informed of the fee ; He refused. Wells Fargo should not call these types of programs ” overdraft protection ” without disclosing the fees. It misleads consumers to think they are ” protected ” from those fees when they sign up.

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