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On Saturday XXXX XXXX, 2016, I called the toll free number to Wells Fargo to activate my new debit card. Upon entering my new card number, the next automated response I received stated that my card is now activated and ready for use. I was a bit appalled that the automated system did not further authenticate my information, which raised a concern for my privacy/security. On that same date, I sent an email to Wells Fargo customer service stating my issue. My main concern was that since no additional account information was asked to verify my identity, that basically if my card were to be lost in the mail, anyone who retrieved it would have been able to activate the card and use it. On Monday, XXXX XXXX, 2016, I received a response back from their customer support. The representative explained the process and I felt good about it. However in the response, the representative provided to me a phone number that ” was on my profile ”. To my shock, the number that was provided to me was NOT my phone number. Wells Fargo had provided to me another customers phone number. This has further raised my concern for my privacy/security. How do I know if that same representative provided MY information to another customer? This is a very concerning issue to me. The additional responses I had received from Wells Fargo customer support have not been satisfactory at all.

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