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I have been threatened by my bank of over 40 years by a XXXX . XXXX XXXX of Wells Fargo of XXXX XXXX. I have never cause any issues but the manager stated he will not give me any further monies back from a bank error. attached is one of many communications between myself and Wells Fargo.
This bank has sent me a credit card every week for months and one they gave me I objected to in order to get a spending card ( a prepaid card for online purchases ) which I required. Then the very next month they took out {$4500.00} via all my checking account money and some overdraft money! Then it took them 1 year and two weeks to pay me back. Even as the manager stated in XXXX, XXXX ” Shame shame on us ” this is a very bad mistake. I sent out a letter to the bank executives here in XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX Branch Manager XXXXXXXXXXXX District Manager XXXXXXXXXXXX Area President XXXXXXXXXXXX Lead Region President XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX Vice President Community Banking XXXXXXXXXXXX Chairman & CEO and they assisted in this matter and stated thanks for being patience but then a new manager XXXX as mentioned earlier stated that I must never return to the XXXX branch and that that ‘s all the money he or the bank would pay me for the mishap. Then my home loan was taken from XXXX approx. a month to XXXX a month for the remainder of the loan. The home was purchase and loaned on by wells fargo in XXXX and in 16 years only XXXX was every paid off and we made some double payments in XXXX while we were there in XXXX to XXXX This has been and is only getting worse with Wells Fargo and I have been a customer since XXXX ‘s to today almost 40years. thereabouts Please would someone help advise us? Would like advise for checking- home loan and missing income.

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