Account opening, closing, or management

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The CitiGold checking account rewards program has cost me {$64.00} in fees so far and does not deliver its promised benefits. The program promises to provide tens of thousands of XXXX XXXX points, if a customer opens a CitiGold checking account and completes a number of steps such as setting up bill payments online within a few months. I signed up for the offer and opened an account XX/XX/2016. I also went to a local branch to provide my information such as tax record, social security number, etc. to complete account opening process.

To set up bill payment ( a requirement for receiving the benefits ), I need an online account ; to set up the online account, I need a debit card and a password ; the problem is I have never received the debit card and password for several months and now the required timeline has elapsed. After speaking with customer service XX/XX/XXXX, I did receive a debit card, but the password never arrived. Meanwhile, because there is XXXX balance in my account, I was left with account maintenance and overdraft fees of at least {$64.00} as of XXXX XXXX, 2016.

Citi ‘s practice is unfair. I opened the account and was willing to complete the steps required to take advantage of the offer. However, an essential part of what is required – receiving debit card and password – is missing due to Citi ‘s lack of oversight of its operations. What started as an attractive incentive program ended up in fees on my account and no benefits at all, and there ‘s nothing I can do to avoid it.

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