Account opening, closing, or management

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I signed up for a CitiGold Checking Account with a promotion where I was to be awarded XXXX XXXX XXXX miles upon meeting certain requirements including a {$1000.00} spending requirement in debit purchases and two bill pays. The points were to be posted within 90 days of meeting these requirements. I have contacted Citi multiple times and created multiple inquiries to resolve the issue and they have yet to post the miles. The requirements were met in XXXX and it was verified by a Citi representative that the points would post in the month of XXXX. On XXXX XXXX, Citi randomly closed my CitiGold Checking account and refused to cooperate with me on any further inquiries about the points because the account was now closed ( that I never requested to be closed and they can not figure out why it was closed ). See attached for screenshots of my inquiries and their request for me to provide my XXXX number, which I did promptly over the phone.

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