Account opening, closing, or management

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I have a bank account through Capital One 360. Capital One 360 decided that they wanted to speak to me about my account. Instead of contacting me through the email address that they have on file they instead froze my account, prohibiting access to my funds. My account is in good standing, there was no reason they should have frozen my account without my permission. I only found out that my account was frozen when I tried to pay my Capital One credit card bill through an ACH transfer. Since my account was frozen my payment bounced and I immediately received interest fees and late payment charges. I do not login to my Capital One 360 account often so I did not see the freeze that was put on my account without my permission. Upon realizing that my payment bounced I called Capital One 360 and they asked me marketing questions, as well as a few questions to verify my identity, even though my account does not have much activity and I have had the account for 12 months. I believe they froze my account to solicit marketing information from me, as they had previously verified my identity when I signed up for the account 12 months prior. I have had to spend significant time trying to get these fees reversed and I believe that freezing my account ( in good standing ) without my permission, just to obtain marketing information about me violates my rights as a consumer.

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