Account opening, closing, or management

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Bank of America, closed my checking accounts stating that they all had negative balances.
When I called to let them know that what they thought was not true, and there was enough money to cover all the overdrawn fees, they realized they messed up, BIG TIME.
Even though, I had been their customer for the last 14 years, they went ahead and closed the accounts. Never really provided any assistance. It is true, I have been an in bad financial situation for a whole year. However, I am back on my feet now ; doing great. I have realized, they never cared about it. They just do this type of practice. When I called regarding this issue, the guy on the other side had some kind of an all powerful tone/attitude. Once I proved to them the stupidity they had done, this person seemed to be talking to me from under his desk. He could not find an excuse for what this institution had done. I apologized to him because I was getting off on him ; it was not his fault that this happened ( Still, I did not like his ” I am always right attitude ” ). I demanded to have what was left of my money available now, so that I could go get it at the local branch. They said it was not possible until all transactions clear, that I had to wait until next week. I asked for a manager. The manager was very polite and sounded very humble. I have agreed to wait until next week to get the balance of my money.
Therefore, the type of customer service was poor. They had no answer, when they realized that there was enough money in the account to cover for all negative balances.
They went ahead and canceled regardless of what was in the account. When they realized what they did, they had no answer. Even after paying off these negative balance accounts, I will have to wait to see the rest of my money until next week. Holding me back on other payments I have to make.

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