Account opening, closing, or management

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I opened a checking account with Bank of America. When opening the account, the associate entered all of my correct information from my driver ‘s license. A few days later, I received an email notification that my debit card was on its way, but it was being sent to an address where I have never lived and/or been associated. I contacted the bank to ask them why/how this happened. They initially insisted that I had been a victim of fraud, but after showing them I had not, they started investigating on their end. They admitted that everything was processed correctly, but can not understand how the wrong address was then attached to my name. They ‘re calling it a ” system glitch. ” When I asked how I can be assured that it wo n’t happen again, I was told that I need to carefully monitor my account myself because they ca n’t promise me it wo n’t happen again.

I have since closed the account because all I get from them is head scratches and ” I do n’t know how this could have happened. ” It ‘s ridiculous and I do n’t trust that my account would be safe with them, no matter how many ” extra protections ” they have to put in place.

They also reported this incorrect address to my credit bureaus but are doing nothing to correct the improper reporting. I am filing disputes with each bureau to have the incorrect information removed.

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