Account opening, closing, or management

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Wells Fargo closed my checking, savings, and credit card accounts due to being unhappy with me for depositing Money Orders into the account. I worked with a banker at the Wells Fargo in XXXX XXXX CT XXXX XXXX. She called several times regarding the matter. My complaint focuses on the checking issue and refunding my balance. She was told and relayed to me that my account would be closed as of XXXX XXXX and a check for my remaining balance would be sent to me. After waiting a few weeks without any check arriving I returned to the XXXX XXXX Wells Fargo and XXXX XXXX called again. During this phone call it was 1st relayed to me that they would contact the agent who was handling my case ( they would not give me the name ), then put me on hold and then told me Wells Fargo was keeping my balance! After being escalated to an executive custome service person I was then told the agent would be contacted again. I shared my concern about hearing several different stories over the past weeks but the only answer was that they would contact the agent and I could call back. Due to hearing several different stories and the amount being XXXX, I feel I have no choice but to file a complaint in order to get my money. I informed Wells Fargo of my intentions. While Wells Fargo may be unhappy with the deposit of several money orders, I have done nothing illegal. The funds have cleared from XXXX XXXX, and Wells Fargo is simply holding my money hostage.

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