Account opening, closing, or management

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The company said they mailed forms to me a post office box address which I never had. when I became aware of the issue in XXXX 2015, the representative asked me questions about the account and VERIFIED that the information on the account did not match my address, email and phone number. So she advised me to update my personal information so whomever opened the account would not be able to access it. The Rep. gave me a address in Georgia which i never was a resident of so I gave her my current address which was XXXX XXXX XXXX # XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX. The date that account was open, I had no access to any kind of communication due to the fact that I was in basic training for the XXXX which I sent in the info the USAA proving that I was n’t able to open a account. A couple months after I initially became aware of the account, I reported it to USAA fraud department, who said that my address and contact info matches which was XXXX XXXX XXXX ( The address that they updated not the original address used when the account was opened ). I do not believe that I should be liable for a account I was n’t possibly able to open.

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