Account opening, closing, or management

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Hello CFPB, I would like to bring to your attention the harassment policies that the CHASE bank has used against me. I opened a chase account providing all information which was asked at the branch making a copy of all documents as well. however they hit my credit for a credit card which they never gave to me and sent me a letter that i need to submit documents which i did again by going into the branch at XXXX UT. they again kept sending me the same letter until i asked them to stop by going in the branch again.

now they again sent me a different letter that they are closing my chase account without prior notice and gave me the excuse that i dont have an ssn but i have been submitting taxes for the past 3 years on time and i gave them my ssn card to make a copy 4 times. they never sent a notice letter before and directly closed my account due to which i didnt get my direct deposit. these criminals at chase need your audit as they are doing frauds with customers like me who we have to suffer

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