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My father purchased XXXX savings accounts for me and my siblings in XXXX and XXXX. He passed away in XXXX and had given the savings certify ficates to my sister to hold for him.
My sister whom forgot about them, did n’t disclose that we had them until this year.
Their have been XXXX bank mergers since the original opening.
I have contacted the current bank which is Fifth Third Bank in XXXX, Ohio Ohio. This bank has branches in XXXX, FL where I first began my search. The Original bank was called XXXX XXXX, with branches in XXXX, MI and in XXXX, XXXX XXXX etc when they were first opened. This bank was later merged with the XXXX XXXX XXXX.
I believe in XXXX XXXX XXXX was merged into another bank named Fifth Third.
My sister and I whom is a senior citizen also, went into the XXXX XXXX, MI branch to cash them. They said that they would check it out with their main office, as they had no record of our CD ‘s.
I then contacted the main branch located in XXXX, Ohio and spoke to a spokes person there for several weeks. I sent into then a death certificate of my father and copies of the CD ‘s.
The answer from them was a dead end. They accused me or a family member of cashing them in, which never happened.
My attempts have been endless either online and going into Fifth Third Branches in XXXX, FL where I now live.
My sister is XXXX years older than myself and has XXXX.
I do n’t know what do at this stage after endless attempts to cash them.
The bank has stated to me that the CD ‘s are worthless, and to rip them up. This a ridiculous statement to make to a citizen of the USA, and to be allowed to get away with this.
My brother, has XXXX who I ‘ve tried to include in my inquires.
Hopefully, your department will be able to research my CD ‘s and retain funds after 33 years of opening them from my father.
Hopefully, here I will be able to fill out the correct directives required by your department.

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