Account opening, closing, or management

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I opened a checking account, savings account, and a credit card with Chase Manhattan Bank, using XXXX of my company ‘s check ‘s totaling {$1900.00}, and I put a {$4200.00} cashier ‘s check in my savings account. They then told me it would take time for the checks to clear. After the checks cleared they refused to release my funds stating they need to verify the signer of the check. The signer of the company ‘s check went to the branch twice, and along with the bank representative did everything the fraud department requested. At that tine the bank rep. requested the funds be released. Later that day we found out that the fraud department still refused to release my money. I ‘m disgusted, and told them to close my account and return my money. They said it would take XXXX to 45 days to get my money after the account closed itself funds would be released. XXXX XXXX days later they still had my money. Chase had closed my account, took the funds out my account, and put it in a special account. Chase Manhattan Bank stole my money and refused to return it. When I went back into the bank I was back to square XXXX, where they told me they still needed to verify the signer of the check after 45 days. If they thought this was fraud why did n’t they return the money to my company?????? instead the just kept the money … .what if my company closed and I could n’t find the check signer … would they just keep my money. Luckily the signer of the check is getting a copy of her signature from my company ‘s bank. If we are successful it will take another XXXX business days … the saga continues.

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