Top 8 Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers Of 2023 Reviews

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If you are thinking about using deep cycle battery, then you will also need a quality charger for it too. A top quality charger will keep your battery working whenever you need it.

All the chargers are not designed to charge a deep-cycle battery. It means that you cannot use just any type of charger for this purpose. The requirements of a deep cycle battery are dramatically different as compared to a regular battery.

Therefore, we have developed this article on the best deep cycle battery charger that money can buy. In this post, we will review some of the best units that you can find on the market. Furthermore, we have included our buying guide so that you should know what features to look for when purchasing.

So let’s begin with the reviews!

best deep cycle battery charger

The 8 Of Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger On The Market 2023 Reviews

1 Ampmatic 5A by Tecmate

Tecmate manufactured one of the best deep cycle battery chargers that are most innovative and fully automatic 12V battery charger. This Ampmatic 5A saves batteries, which another charger cannot by identifying the difference between sulfated or discharged battery.

The durability of this OptiMATE 6 battery is perfect. The maintenance of a lead-acid 12V deep cycle battery, marine, automotive, and the motorcycle is easy and simple. The company provides limited replacement 3-year warranty as well.

Additionally, multi-stage desulphation helps to restore the neglected battery low as 0.5 volts. The Ampmatic charge control aids to adjust the current. It is most suitable for any battery size like 3AH to 240AH. It is also comprised with cell voltage balancing mode that correctly designed new batteries to use at the first time. Moreover, it optimizes the performance of the battery.

This is ideal to use safely for electronic vehicles. Automatic shutdown is the best feature that Tecmate offers. It means that if short-circuit happens or battery disconnected, it will automatically shut down the battery. This will save your vehicle from any occurrence.

This Ampmatic 5A can easily use as indoor or outdoor with the lowest temperature about -40 degree Fahrenheit or -40-degrees Celsius. The case of this battery is waterproof and can easily be mounted with a wall; with 6ft AC, lead supply and 6ft charge lead that ending in SAE connector. Moreover, it requires high-efficiency global input like 100V to 240V and 30Hz to 60HZ that are fully sealed.

Ampmatic 5A by Tecmate
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • You can use it as an indoor or outdoor battery charger
  • The waterproof seal increases its efficiency
  • It automatically shut down if any short-circuit happens
  • The company offers a 3-year warranty
  • This portable battery increases its reliability
  • The durability of this battery charger is low

2 Plus 021-0128 by Battery Tender

The 1.25 AMP Plus battery by Battery Tender is designed to fully charge the battery. It is required to maintain it properly at storage voltage without effect the causes of damages by trickle chargers.

The best trait of this battery is that it comes with a quick connect harness to reach those places where it is hard to reach. This is ideal for the motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, scooters, and cars.

There are four steps required to complete its charging programs like step1: initialization, step2: Bulk Charge, step 3: Absorption Mode, and step 4: Float Mode. The company offers you to enjoy a 10-year warranty. The reliability of this battery tender plus is extremely good due to its simple design and it operates as a smart battery charger that is fully automatic.

Generally, the 12.5 AMP battery chargers will charge as faster than any other three AMP chargers that are available in the market. The Reverse Polarity Protection ensures the user’s safety.

Furthermore, the two indicators light that flashes according to specific situations. For example, green indicates the fully charged and red light indicates the low battery. It is comprised of these two accessories such as alligator clips and ring terminals.

Plus 021-0128 by Battery Tender
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • The smart battery increases its reliability that is the fully automatic charger
  • This is ideal for the motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, scooters, and car
  • It charges the vehicles at 1.25 Amps and assists to compensate the temperature
  • The Battery Tender offers the 10-year warranty of this unit
  • It is comprised of these two accessories such as alligator clips and ring terminals
  • The battery doesn’t indicate the green light at fully charged
  • The alligator clips are smaller in size

3 MUS4.3 by CTEK

The high-performance battery charger from CTEK is able to solve the wide range of problems related to the battery. It works on art technology, which is found in other product of CTEK and this battery is featured with eight patented steps to increase the battery life and its performance as well.

Moreover, this charger monitors the battery’s health and allows the charger to ale accurate action for increases the capacity and the lifespan of the battery. The use of patented and unique technology that ensures the battery is easy or safely charges and optimally maintained.

The Swedish-engineered smart charger is able to tolerate severe conditions of weather. Multiple chargers have a temperature for performing operations; ranges are -4 degree Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also enjoy the CTEK Polar charger that is equipped with a unique charging parameter and a special cable to operating it in very coldest circumstances. You are able to extend the battery lifespan by using it regularly.

Consequently. the regular use of CTEK battery increases its life by up to three times. Moreover, there are four to eight steps to follow the charging stages and help to enhance the performance of the battery.

MUS4.3 by CTEK
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • This Swedish-engineered smart charger is able to tolerate severe conditions of weather
  • The patented and unique technology enhancing the batter performance in your vehicles
  • This smart battery can safely and easily chargeable and optimally maintained
  • If you want to expand the battery life then you have to use it regularly
  • It comes as a superior quality, technical performance, and best value chargers
  • It becomes hot and there isn’t any fan to cool it down

4 Genius 3.5A by NOCO

The NOCO manufactured the Genius by using most advanced and safest technologies. This 3.5 AMP is able to charge the lithium-ion battery up to 120AH and 6-Volt or 12-Volt lead-acid. It can efficiently maintain marine, RV, automotive, lawn and garden, power-sport, and deep-cycle batteries.

This smart charger increases the charger double time faster than other ordinary chargers. It can also help to repair damage batteries as well as designed to utilize with the micro-hybrid start or stop vehicles by using CANBUS electrical system.

Furthermore, this Genius-3500 portable battery comes with external mounting holes and a base of rubberized to avoid from scratches and slippery surface. An Intuitive LED indicator presents a visual state of charging as a feedback and diagnostic information as well. It shows all visual states even it is in the mode of maintenance.

The charger is easily usable for the electrical system of 120 volts and 50 HZ to 60 HZ. It is equipped with both integrated eyelet terminals and X-connect battery clamps. The company provides you to enjoy 5-year warranty.

This battery protects you against short-circuit, open-circuit, and overheating. A maintenance plus feature helps to keep the battery fully charged for avoiding indefinitely and overcharging. Stabilizes internal smart battery increases its longevity and performance. This best energy-save battery consumes the minimum energy.

Genius 3.5A by NOCO
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • This battery comes with outstanding automatic battery charger and maintainer
  • It provides ultra-safety that make it spark-proof and provide reverse polarity protection
  • The battery protects you against overcharging, short-circuit, open-circuit, and overheating
  • This is the best energy-save battery that consumes the minimum energy
  • Stabilizes internal smart battery increases its longevity and performance
  • The user interface is not pretty good because the value of flash led light is minimum

5 ChargePro by Guest

The ChargePro by Guest is a waterproof charger that you can use onboard. The 12V, 10-Amp charger comes with built-in safety along with reverse polarity. In addition to that, it comes with protection against over current, ignitions and overheating.

The charger features inline fuses for an excellent direct current wire protection it means that the charger is exceptionally safe to use onboard.

Moreover, the ChargePro is Ip67 rated. It means that it is 100% waterproof and is resistant to shock. You can conveniently use it for different salt and freshwater applications without thinking about the sulfation. Another big benefit of this charging unit is that it comes with a 2-year warranty to provide you with the peace of mind during its usage.

There is an LED display that indicates the current status of each of the banks with the charging process. With the help of its top quality strain reliefs, your cables will stay connected without any breakage or damage.

It is also an ideal option for marine usage. The multi-volt charger is capable to take one varying weather conditions and it also comes at a very good price.

ChargePro by Guest
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • It has a very intuitive display (LED) which clearly shows statuses of different charging banks.
  • It is also resistant to water and shock and is among the best options for various marine applications.
  • The cables you connect to the charger stay free of any strains or breakage.
  • It doesn’t produce any sounds and can last for a long time.
  • Most of the customers have complained about the durability of this charger.
  • Its display also falters in the long run.

6 BDCAC202B by Black + Decker

The BDCAC202B charger by Black & Decker is a 20V, 2-Amp unit that can charge batteries within 45 minutes. It features multi-volt charging that enables you to charge a 16V along with 20V batteries. It has 2-Amp output and you can use it to charge a variety of your DIY project tools.

Furthermore, the claim that the charger only takes approximately 45 minutes to charge is applicable for all batteries with 1.5-Amp capacities. For the batteries with the 2-Amp capacity, it will take around one hour for charging and for 4-Amp batteries it will take about 2 hours. It is only suitable for Lithium-Ion batteries.

It significantly cuts down the charging times and for this reason, it is among the best deep cycle charging units that you can find on the market.

The price of this charger is another advantage that you should avail. It can also determine the health of your batteries and provides you with the results that when is it time to change your units.

BDCAC202B by Black + Decker
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • It is one of the best options for your Lithium Ion batteries.
  • The charger can quickly and efficiently charge your units.
  • It can monitor and assess the health of your batteries.
  • The multi-volt charging capability of this charger enables you to charge 20V Max and 16V Max batteries efficiently.
  • It is the best options for your DIY projects.
  • It does work with Ni-cad batteries.
  • It has a very dim charging light and you are not able to easily see whether it is charging or not.
  • The charger is not mountable.

7 MINDer 128CEC1

The Battery MINDer Charger is known to extend battery time, it does this by reversing automatic desulphation. Desulphation is the most major cause of battery failure. It can even restore batteries that have been considered beyond use due to sulfation. These batteries can then be used again and it further extends battery life by 4 times.

This battery charger has the ability to charge up to 8 batteries at a time. For it to maintain these many batteries, it needs to be connected in parallel formation. Furthermore, it is great for winterizing cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats etc.

The charger has an adjustable amperage that can be altered on the basis of the battery you want to charge. How is this? Well, you can use the 2 Amp setting for batteries that are running and are in good shape.

The charger is FCC certified, it meets both safety and efficiency requirements currently in place. It has high efficiency and low power consumption. It also includes safety functions like short-circuiting, starts and reverses polarity protection.

Above all, the battery charger features a temperature sensor that alters the voltage of the battery based on the surrounding temperature. This allows your battery to be properly charged and maintained at all times. It even has over-heating safety protection in place.

MINDer 128CEC1
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • They are regulated and cannot overcharge.
  • You can select amperage based on charging time.
  • Safety measures include short-circuit, spark, reverse polarity protection.
  • Features temperature compensation.
  • The button panel is very weak.
  • The front label is not moisture resistant.

8 Schumacher SC1319 Automatic Battery Maintainer

The Schumacher Deep Cycle Battery Charger is equipped to automatically maintain 6 and 12 Volt batteries. A precisely regulated microprocessor controls the functions for added precision, safety and life of the battery itself.

The floating mode technology works to maintain an optimum charge in the battery by monitoring the rate and amount of discharge. Moreover, the auto voltage function also works to automatically detect the attachment of batteries especially if they are the 6 or 12 Volt batteries.

The Schumacher Battery Charger comes with a quick connect harness that’s able to connect either connector to its place within minutes.

Not only that, this charger even has reverse hook-up protection. This protects the battery and charger from damage if they are improperly connected.

Schumacher SC1319 Automatic Battery Maintainer
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Has a float mode that monitors battery and then maintains optimum battery charge.
  • It has a microprocessor that allows for greater precision, safety, and life for the battery.
  • Automatic detection of 6 or 12 Volt batteries.
  • The charger doesn’t operate if the clamps are reversed.
  • The charger has no switch to turn it off and on.
  • The green light on the charger tens to fade in and out once the battery is full.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger Buying Guide

Now there are different brands that have their own deep cycle battery chargers. Finding the right one can be an irksome task. However, you can simplify it by only focusing on what you need from your charger. Buying a charger based on how you are going to use it will spare you from overspending.

Therefore, we have developed this guide for your assistance. With it, you will be able to emphasize the features that you cannot overlook. This way you will be able to get your hands on the best deep cycle battery charger.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger Buying Guide

How is a deep cycle battery charger different from the rest?

It is a charger that specializes to charge deep cycle batteries. These chargers have thicker plates as compared to the regular flooded lead-acid units. These plates are solid and are not spongy. All these chargers are capable to charge the batteries as quickly as possible.


There are different types of deep cycle battery chargers. The standard charger can charge a battery to almost full. On the other hand, the deep cycle battery chargers can quickly charge a battery to 80% discharge.

There are other types of deep cycle unit chargers that can monitor the energy level of the battery it is charging. When the discharge us 80% to 90% full, it will drop off the charging to prevent overcharge. Then there are automatic charges too.

They automatically switch to floating mode with the help of monitoring. These chargers automatically charge the battery as per requirement. However, you cannot use them for indefinite purposes. AGM means absorbed glass mat and it is a type of lead acid unit.

The gel units differ from there standard counterparts. Most of the chargers can charge one or two types of units a charger that has a label that says STD AGM and Gel are safe for both. Therefore, you need to check the battery types that your charger can charge before buying.

What to look for when buying?

Battery chemistry

The chemistry of battery is the most integral part to consider before buying a quality battery charger. Furthermore, make sure not to use a charger for lead acid batteries to charge gel units. You can only do so if the battery explicitly says that you can charge both types safely.


You cannot use all chargers outdoors or indoors. There might be situations when you need to charge a marine battery for starting when you are out on the waters or during a rainstorm. In such a scenario your charger must be able to handle exposure to various elements.

A dead battery’s personal cost

If you cannot afford a battery going dead a couple of hours before than expectation, then you might need a charger that can keep your unit topped off. It means that you will need a charger that has the ability to sense the charge level. It will automatically add some additional power according to the requirements.

Extending the battery’s life

If you need a battery charger that can extend the life of your battery then the equalizing feature is important. This feature equalizes the charge by reversing the sulfation that can damage the plates in the long run.

Size of the battery

By size, we don’t refer to the physical dimensions but the number of amp hours that it can store. A full sized automatic battery can store up to 50 Amp hours. A 10 Amp charger will need 6 hours to charge this battery after being completely dead. Similarly, a 100 Amp marine unit will need a 10-Amp charger to charge a dead battery for 11 hours.


As you have gone through all the best products out there and the related buying guide, choosing the suitable product shouldn’t be a problem now. The winner of the best deep cycle battery charger roundup is the 6 Ampmatic TM-181 by OptiMATE. This 5 Amp, 12V charger is the fully automatic charger that can differentiate and save both sulfated and discharged battery. It has a 0.5 low voltage start with 2-step recovery for desulphation. You can conveniently use it indoor/outdoor with a temperature rating of -40°C. It is fully weatherproof and also gives early warnings about any issues.  The best part about this battery is that it comes with a 3-year warranty too.

We hope you have found this article informative and interesting. If you think that we have missed out on something then you can reach out to us. Just drop your suggestions or queries below and we will get back to you shortly.

Get charging!

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  2. I bought a NOCO Genius G15000 UltraSafe Battery Charger a half month ago. Even it has a little bit expensive but I really satisfied with its pros. And the best thing I like about it that it provides protection against overcharging and overheating and it made me feel safe. I would be following more of your posts.

  3. I use BMK on my deep cycle boat battery. it charges pretty fast and is protected to not overcharge the battery. I’ve left it plugged in for days without issue due to the float function. It has got a little wet and not had any issues and does not get very hot while charging. For the money, this has been a great purchase. I have been using it now for 2 months on a weekly bases.

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