Top 6 Best RV Surge Protectors In 2021 Revealed

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Have you recently lost your precious TV or microwave due to the surge?

Regardless of where you’re getting your power from, a short circuit can damage your computers, chargers, and even the microwave. The best RV surge protector works to keep these problems at bay. But with over a hundred different products out in the market, it seems near impossible to find a protector which can actually work.

So the question naturally forms in our heads: what’s the best RV surge, protector?

We have reviewed top 6 products for your convenience.

best rv surge protectors

Top 6 Best RV Surge Protectors For The Money In 2021 Reviews

1 Progressive Industries HW50C Hardwired EMS Surge & Electrical Protection

If you’re talking about electrical equipment and accessories, then Progressive Industries is the best provider. They have a wide collection of products with various models, so you only choose the one which suits you.

In the case of Surge protector, we were especially appalled by the 5-mode design and the various ratings. This product is compatible with 50A or current, 120 or 240 Volts, and over 50,000 Watts of power.

Truly, the range and capabilities of this product cannot be challenged by any mediocre brand. Speaking of power, this Surge Protector operates at temperatures between -40 to 105 degrees Celsius. Now you know that your EMS is safe even in the winters.

In terms of protection, this surge protector is guarded against the open ground, open neutral and over/under voltage. It even features A/C frequency protection. So it’s not just a surge protector. Apart from that, it features indicators to alert you when you incorrectly install the product.

Additionally, it is UL and Canadian certified and has a lifetime warranty on it. For RVs, this is best, as most people don’t even use RVs much. So the product is destined to last long enough.

Progressive Industries HW50C Hardwired EMS Surge & Electrical Protection
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Ratings: 50A, 120/240 V, 50,000 W
  • 5-mode design to give you diversity and range.
  • Operates functionally between -40 and 105 degrees Celsius.
  • Features protection from accidental 240 V surges, over or under voltage, extreme power, and even reverse polarity.
  • Indicators for miswiring or malfunctions.
  • You can control and scroll through remote.
  • Features lifetime warranty.
  • Certified and approved by UL and Canadian standards.
  • Some models start malfunctioning or shutting down after a year or so.

2 Progressive Industries SSP30 Smart Surge

RV’s are normally equipped with many costly and expensive products, most of which aren’t always even insured. And the last thing happy campers want is the tension of getting their valuables ruined and having to bear the cost of repairs, due to power shortages or faulty plugs.

Progressive industries are the latest model of surge protectors, which are made with the newest and the most impressive improvements to its structure and functions. These are a great plug and play build in applications with an easy to use dynamics.

To protect from the weather of all sorts it has a built-in shield cover which most surge protectors don’t, this helps save the cost of getting a separate cover. The bracket has secure locking systems to prevent internal damage or theft.

These surges use state of the art microprocessors which make them extra safe for use and durable. Not only is it low in price than other competing products and it also is a great yet essential purchase as it saves much of very costly equipment such as air conditioners, TVs and inventors. Moreover, it saves you a lot of cost of repairs as well.

It is a great surge indicator as it is very essential to be used at campsites. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around and install as well.

Nevertheless, it not only is handy but all the green lights indicating power supply are visible at night time and can be viewed from afar and no need for a torch hustle at night.

Progressive Industries SSP30 Smart Surge
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • Portable design
  • No installation required
  • Includes an attached cover to reduce weather deterioration effects.
  • Only an indicator, not a surge protector
  • Low quality

3 Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

Traveling in an RV means being with family and loved ones. Therefore, it is incredibly essential for you to make the right decision about everything you install in your RV including the surge protector.

This particular brand of surge protector from Surge guard with a 50 Amp is very reliable.  It is of great quality, proves itself upon use and is a great indicator as well as protector.

It is relatively less costly compared to other surge protector brands and works well in all weather, however, due to care should be taken in stormy or rainy weathers.

Just to be on the safe side try covering the outlet when such weather conditions are expected with a proper surge cover or a thick plastic cover sheet. This is just to avoid the surge protector from getting moist or any condensation to build up in them after a storm or rain.

Moreover, it is easy to use and it is a must to turn the breaker on and check for all the green lights to be sure that it is wired in properly and only then connect it to your RV.

These surge protectors are hardwired in with a very hardcover and a padlock to limit the probability of it being stolen.

Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Relatively less expensive
  • Safe and reliable
  • Strong resistance against strong winds.
  • Only allows up to 104 volts
  • Moist might built up after a rain or storm

4 Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector

The EMS-PT30X surge protector for RV from Progressive Industries features three separate modes and has a capacity of 1790J with 44,000 Amp. The protector comes with a rating of 3600W/30A/120V and works best in -40°C to 105°C temperatures range.

It means that this piece of equipment is resistant to various weather changes and is specially designed for outdoor usage.

Its electrical management system can conveniently protect your recreational vehicle and its electronic gadgets from any types of fluctuations in voltage, improperly connected power source from shore or power surges.

The surge protector comes with a bracket for security locking and boasts a pull handle that is very rugged and tough. Its Lexan housing is also very rigid while the assembly is resistant to all weather conditions.

The surge protector is covered under lifetime warranty. This warranty doesn’t include the weather protection assembly.

Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • The EMS-PT30X comes with tripe mode and has a capacity of 44,000A or 1790J.
  • It has a rating of 3600W, 120V or 30A and can operate between the temperature ranges of -40°C and 105°
  • The surge protector comes with all-weather protection shield and is best for outdoor usage.
  • It also features a bracket for security locking and a pull handle for rigidity.
  • The surge protector is covered under lifetime warranty but its all-weather protection doesn’t fall within this warranty.
  • It doesn’t come with an entirely waterproof
  • Its rain cover is not that big and doesn’t cover the electrical cords entirely.

5 Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart Surge Protector

This surge protector is slightly low in capacity if you compare it from the previous entry. The SSP-30X from Progressive Industries is a 3-mode unit that has a capacity of 22,500A or 825J. It is rated for 3600W, 120V or 30A and can effectively operate in temperatures ranging between -40°C to 105°C.

The surge protector has the capability of detecting open neutral and open ground along with reverse polarity. It can also detect and indicate any inadequately connected pedestals as well as surge failures.

The SSP-30X is made for the purpose of outdoor use and it is resistant to all types of weather. Furthermore, the surge protector is thermally protected too.

It also features a rugged pull handle and a three colored LED indicator which is very bright. The Progressive Industries also cover this surge protector under a lifetime warranty. The assembly of this surge protector can stand various types of weathers.

Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart Surge Protector
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • The surge protector has operating temperature ratings between -40°C and 105°
  • It has a capacity of 22,500A or 825J and ratings of 3600W, 120V or 30A.
  • The surge protector can detect open neutral, open ground and reverse polarity.
  • It can also detect and indicate any misconnected pedestals and is thermally safe.
  • The SSP-30X comes with an LED light indicator and stiff pull handle too.
  • The rain cover of this surge protector is not big enough to cover the electrical wirings.
  • Not designed for all weather conditions.

6 Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

The 44260 surge protector from TRC is a good quality entry level surge guard and it can detect any faulty power connections and can serve as a 2100J surge protector as well. It is capable to examine the circuits to validate pedestal power.

The surge protector from TRC also comes with an indicator so that it can notify you with various statuses. It can also run tests to assess the adequate polarity, open neutral and open ground as well. There are not many complexities associated with the functioning of this device. It keeps things simple and workable.

The practicality of this device makes it one of the best surge protectors that you can find on the market. It is there to keep your RV protected from any power surges or pedestals.

These inconsistent power flows can destroy your RV’s electronic equipment and components. There is no better way to watch out for these surges to lower the risks of any damages.

Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • The surge protector can conveniently detect faulty power sources.
  • It can offer surge protections of up to 2100J and can assess the circuits to see for any pedestal power.
  • It features an LED light indicator for convenient notifications.
  • The surge protector can run tests for adequate polarity, open ground and open neutral as well.
  • It will simply disconnect the connection in case of a power surge and won’t reset it.
  • It doesn’t come with all-weather protection.
  • It is not the right piece of equipment is you are looking for a more technologically advanced surge protector

RV Surge Protector Buying Guide

If you’re still not satisfied with our top pick, then don’t worry. There are tons of other brands which paralleled Progressive Industries. Although we didn’t see any which stood out enough to review them. We have listed a few helpful tips to let you choose your very own top product. See for yourself:

best rv surge protector reviews


Just like tires and mattresses, even surge protectors have voltage, amperage, and wattage ratings. These ratings basically define the limit and extent of the surge protector. Checking the limit against your desired ratings is crucial.

For example, you might accidentally buy a 240 V protector for your 120 V system. Be careful when assessing each and every system. Sometimes the actual wattage and amperage may not be the one displayed or told by your previous owners.

  • Amperage

Amperage is the amount of current that the surge protector can handle. Typically, this number lies between 30 and 70 Amps, although some may even go higher. Ideally, buy one which is within the medial range.

  • Voltage

This defines the amount of voltage the protector was made for. Most household electoral circuits and even those in RVs and trailers use 120V. So only remember to buy the correct surge protector based on the voltage of your electrical system.

  • Wattage

Wattage is the power that the surge produces or absorbs. It’s a bit of a lesser concern but still needs to be accounted for.

Temperature Range

Surge protectors are electronic equipment’s themselves, and as such, are susceptible to changes in the temperature. A good handy protector can handle a wide range of temperatures. Most electronics tend to malfunction or jam in the cold, while others get too warm and cause health hazards.

A good range for surge protectors would be between -50 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius. Whatever range you decide to choose, it is important that the range extends into the negative side. Operating equipment in the cold is hard, so you want your protector to be extra resilient.

The temperature can also be decided in terms of where you need it. If you plan on taking your RV out in the snow, the protector’s range should be focused more on the negative side. If you want to work in the desert or savannah, then the range should be above 70 or 100.


The durability of the product determines how long it is sure to last. Surge protectors can be very expensive (refer to the Price Range and Discounts section below), and as such you don’t want to spend thousands on new surge protectors every few months. If you really want a good protector, then be sure to buy from approved or certified brands.

Most protectors may only last 14 to 20 months, so you’ll have no luck with them. Be sure to get a decent warranty policy. By doing this you won’t have to pay extra if the equipment gives up.

RV Surge Protector Buying Guide

Efficient Protection

Of course, to choose a good surge protector you need to take into the account the amount of protection it provides. Many protectors fail when the voltage reaches critical numbers (a rare but deadly occurrence).

In cases like these, an auto-shut off function would be helpful. Reverse polarity and open ground protection is also a great thing to have in a surge protector.

Most of the modern ones even feature LED indicators. It indicates when the protector is wired erroneously or when the equipment malfunctions. It is also smart to get an over amperage, wattage, or energy dissipation protection, as those things can majorly alter the safety of the house or RV. But most importantly, remember to check the certifications and approvals (more on this later).

Wiring and Remote Display (optional)

Some newer surge protectors are actually very efficient and user-friendly. An example would be those that use the remote display to show the power source info. These usually have a 15 or 14-inch long wire connected to a separately operating remote LED display screen which shows the amount of current passing through, logs the surges and their time, and does many more functions. Some models can even be operated by a remote control, which is tremendous.

Certifications and Approvals

Like all electronic equipment, even surge protectors need to be certified by approved bodies. The most common certification is UL. Any protectors certified and approved by UL is definitely worth the shot.

Apart from that, The A11 certificate provided by America is the highest that any product can get. CSA is another independent organization which regulates and approves surge protectors. It is very crucial to buy only the best and most authentic protectors.


Warranty is very important and should always be prioritized. Most companies provide only 15 or 20 years of warranty, and some even 5. The Progressive Industries surge protector is protected by a lifetime of warranty.

Products that come with a lifetime of warranty are our favorite. However, these can be pretty expensive, and most only last a year or two. If you want extra assurance, then go for the lifetime option. Otherwise, 20 or 15 years is enough. Nevertheless, make sure that the warranty covers all type of damage.

How to Use/Install Surge Protectors

So now that you’ve bought the surge protector, another question arises in your mind: how do I install this protector? We had the same question, so we called in experts to give us tips on how to perfect the installation.

top rated rv surge protector

Usually, your product will come with a guide or manual to help you install the protector with ease. Many new products don’t even require much effort. However, just in case you are completely oblivious to the installation, here’s how to install a surge protector:

Step 1: Turn Off the Electricity

The first and foremost step is to turn off the electricity to the entire house. It is wiser to turn off the main electrical switch than to disconnect each room as you go. You can find the main switch near the basement, or ask the previous owners where it’s installed. Turn off the switch then install the surge protector.

Step 2: Open the Main Circuit Panel

Once the power is out, open the main circuit panel. This will be in the shape of a vertical or horizontal box. Take the panel out using screwdrivers and get ready to connect the surge protector into the panel. This step is very important and should be done very carefully, as other wires may easily get disturbed or disconnected.

Step 3: Connect the Wires of the Surge Protector to the Circuit

The surge protector has some wires jutting out of it. Have a professional or an electrician connect the wires very carefully. Many people get this step wrong when they do it themselves. Therefore, it’s very essential to call an expert electrician over.

If you can’t afford one or can’t find one, then connect the wires yourself, but be very careful. The wires can be connected wrongly, resulting in miswiring and reverse polarity. Now, this can be a big headache in the long run.

Step 4: Plug the Power Strip

Most surge protectors come with an outlet in which you can connect all of your electronics directly. This is known as a power strip. Many times it is sold separately, while others can be bought along with the protector.

Connect the power strip to the surge protector and make sure that all the wires are tightly pressed. This will help you to connect your electronics directly to the strip and lessen the risk of surges.

Step 5: Plug Electronics into the Power Strip

Now all you need to do is plug in all your electronics for individual rooms into the power strip. Plug in your TV, AC, heaters, coolers, refrigerator, microwave, lights, fans, ventilators, and more. Your RV will be protected from any fluctuations or sudden surges in the current, and you’ll have a power surge-free life in no time. Just be sure to check up on the protector every three months, and take care of maintenance and over usage.


Surge protection has changed the travel world overnight. While many people may not realize it, they are being saved from massive power cutouts, electrical bills, and loss of electronic equipment by just one single tiny device installed inside their RV. So if you’re feeling extra lucky today, then go ahead and try out our top pick, the Progressive Industries Surge Protector. If you don’t like it, then take a look at our buying guide to learn how to choose your brand.

Don’t forget to install your devices properly and as always, stay safe and healthy!

  1. When we bought our RV we were told to get a surge protector so we decided to buy Surge Guard 44280. This was so easy to use and gave us peace of mind knowing our RV was protected when plugging in. You never know when the campsite you are using is going to have the correct voltage.

  2. EMS-PT30X works as advertised. Confirms the electrical circuit is working properly before allowing flow to your RV. It displays amps being consumed so you know if limits are being surpassed. We use a couple of padlocks and a chain with one lock around the cord and the other end locked to the electrical outlet. The delay of electric flow after plugging in or an electrical interruption ensures RV components are protected. Have only used it for a couple of months and so far so good

  3. Surge Guard is still functioning at 100% after more than one year of continual use, in the desert heat. First one I had blew the fuse(not replaceable).Never found the electrical problem,but it never affected my RV. Did it’s worked.

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